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We are the Peter Pan Icon Request Line. whether you want to request an icon, or take requests from other people, this is the place to be. All members are welcome, and the only thing you need to be is completely in love with eigther of these two movies.

now requesting an icon is simple...just follow this outline.
1. a picture, or description of the picture you want to use.
2. what you want to put on an icon
3. whether it is animated, and what you would like animated.
4. any extras (brushes, gradients, etc)

see, pretty much common sence, but just making sure.

1. CREDIT IS NECCESSARY. The first time you break this rule you will be warned. If you continue to do so, you will be banned from this community.
2. Allow time for requests to be accepted and icons to be made. Some people take longer to make icons than others. And be kind when asking, remember, they don't HAVE to take your request.
3. The only advertisements that will be accepted have to pertain to Peter Pan, Jeremy Sumpter, or anything of that nature.
4. When you join, PLEASE be an active member. If you don't want to request an icon, atleast comment on icons that were already made. If your just joining to have more communities, then don't, because you will be banned.
5. Rules are subject to change at anytime. Anyone who clearly breaks a rule will be banned from this community.

It's a brandy-new peter pan icon site! Great for posting and sharing icons.

*Note: If you would like to be affiliated with PPicon_request, please email starrydreamz3@aol.com.

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